I-65 road rage shooter claims self-defense – no charges filed. DA reviewing case.

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Eric Nichols, 28, shot and killed a man on I-65 South Friday afternoon during a roadside scuffle stemming from a road rage incident. He says his pistol fell from his waistband during the fight, both men went for it, and eventually he shot and killed Christopher Jankowski, a 53-year-old truck driver.

During the afternoon rush hour, Eric Nichols was attempting to merge onto the interstate from the Hardin Place ramp in his white Ford Fusion during heavy traffic. He encountered an 18-wheeler, driven by Christopher Jankowski, 53, of Christiana, Tennessee. The two had a dispute from within their vehicles until Eric Nichols pulled on to the shoulder of the interstate between the Harding Place and Old Hickory Boulevard exits.

It appears that Jankowski pulled over behind Nichols, at which time both men left their vehicles and began yelling at each other. During an interview, Nichols told police the dispute turned physical in the grassy shoulder. Nichols said during the fight, his pistol fell from his waistband, and both men went for the gun. During the struggle, Nichols admits he shot Jankowski one time as the fight continued.

No charges are being filed at this time, however police say the case very much remains under investigation, and in the coming days it could be decided to be presented to the Grand Jury, depending on the results of the District Attorney’s ongoing investigation. Eric Nichols is from Columbia, TN.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen any part of the altercation to contact Midtown Hills Precinct at 615-880-1511.

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