I-65 road rage shooter claims self-defense – no charges filed. DA reviewing case.

Eric Nichols, 28, shot and killed a man on I-65 South Friday afternoon during a roadside scuffle stemming from a road rage incident. He says his pistol fell from his waistband during the fight, both men went for it, and eventually he shot and killed Christopher Jankowski, a 53-year-old truck driver.

Uber Driver says He Carries a Gun, and He’s “not play(ing) with fags” – Nashville

There’s been an ongoing conversation about unruly Uber & Lyft passengers in Nashville – driver’s often recount their worst experiences in online forums across social media. In a recent conversation about passengers that had made inappropriate advances towards drivers, Uber driver William Cuthbertson admitted some things he probably shouldn’t have. If you are gay, and this guy shows up as your Uber driver – RUN, for your life, literally. In a conversation where drivers were recounting their experiences about inappropriate actions from a passenger, driver William Cuthbertson spoke up with…