Argument between roommates gets physical when one decides to use his head

27-year-old Jason Sousa was charged with domestic assault after headbutting and punching his roommate, claiming he had stolen something from him.

Teen felon’s ankle monitor leads police to find him in stolen Mercedes; evasion causes 3 hospitalizations

17-year-old David Mays was charged with evading arrest, felon in possession of a handgun, theft, possession of drugs, and violating CoR after evading authorities in a stolen Benz, crashing into 3 vehicles, causing hospitalizations, and fleeing on foot.

Investigation of unrelated incident leads to arrest of man who reportedly robbed someone with a knife

53-year-old Keith McDonald was charged with aggravated robbery after holding a man at knifepoint in the woods near R Market on 40th Avenue and Albion Street.

Man tries to snatch his child, threatens her mother during custody hearing

39-year-old Melvin Pope was charged with harassment with emotional distress when he attempted to yank his 8-year-old daughter from her mother’s arms after emergency custody was filed, and he threatened to kill her.

Angry nephew attacks his aunt and shatters her car window

feat Fierro Omar

27-year-old Omar Fierro was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he jumped on his aunt, punched and kicked her, then took a stepping stone and threw it through her car window.

Man threatens neighbor with gun; says he will “shoot the first police car that pulls up”

46-year-old Gregory Justice was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and violation of conditional release after he threatened his neighbor with a handgun and then told her that he will “shoot the first police car that pulls up”.

Woman “lashes out” against ex-roommate by shattering his window with a brick

40-year-old Demetria Stuart was charged with vandalism when she flipped tables and smashed her ex-roommate’s window with a brick at Bartaco after she saw him there with another female.

Woman charged after boyfriend says she chased and hit him for dumping out booze

feat Murphy Cortney

25-year-old Cortney Murphy was charged with domestic assault after her boyfriend said she was chasing and hitting him because he poured out all the alcohol during an argument about her drinking.

30 grams of cocaine and multiple crack pipes found at trap house

67-year-old Ricky Bratten, 71-year-old James Bratten, and 55-year-old Julie Reasoner were charged with felony possession of cocaine and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia when officers went to their home to execute a warrant for someone else, and while they were searching the house found a crack pipe in plain sight.

Nashville man found in Lebanon with 21 grams of marijuana, 4 MDMA pills, and a 9 mm handgun

21-year-old Stefvon Murphy Jr. was charged with possession of marijuana and MDMA, paraphernalia, and possession of a weapon during a felony when he admitted to an officer that he had marijuana in his pocket and a gun under his seat.