Vincent Scappator steals $60 worth of NBA trading cards from Target

27-year-old Vincent Scappator was caught stealing from Target on Old Hickory Boulevard on May 13th. Security observed Scappator open a $60 box of NBA trading cards, put them in his pocket, and walk out of the store. A search of his person revealed the stolen cards in his pocket. Officers cited him for the violation that day. Scappator was later booked on the citation of shoplifting on June 3rd.

Angie Wells steals $1,458 worth of products at Ulta Beauty

41-year-old Angela Marie Wells, aka Angie Wells, was taken into custody for theft on June 1st. Around 5:30 p.m., VUPD noticed a vehicle matching the description of a previous shoplifter’s car in the parking lot of Ulta Beauty. The vehicle belonged to Angie, who, on March 30th and May 8th, was caught on camera leaving the property without paying for $1,458 worth of merchandise. The store manager, Elyssa Order, provided officers with the footage of the incidents. Officers issued her a trespassing warning. Wells was later detained for the occurrence.

Tyrell Harrison steals cleaning company’s keys after quitting, tries to make owner pay for them

26-year-old Tyrell Harrison stopped working for Natalie Richardson’s cleaning service and failed to return the company’s belongings on February 22nd. On March 8th, Richardson told officers that Harrison refused to return the company keys unless she paid him money. She added that she had given him multiple opportunities to return them and advised him she would pursue legal action if he did not. Afterward, Richardson said Harrison repeatedly tried to negotiate the return of the keys on his terms. A warrant was issued for his arrest that day. Harrison was later taken into custody for theft on May 26th.

Alyssa Hunkele steals woman’s new basketball hoop after buying her old hoop on Facebook

26-year-old Alyssa Hunkele was taken into custody for theft on May 5th. On April 4th, Vashti McKinney purchased a new basketball hoop for her child and sold the old, used hoop to Hunkele on Facebook Marketplace for $30. McKinney told Hunkele where the used hoop was located and that she was not home when she arrived to pick it up. Video footage shows Hunkele exiting her car, walking to McKinney’s new hoop instead of the used one she purchased, and loading it into her vehicle instead. She then sent McKinney an additional $30 rather than returning McKinney’s new hoop. Hunkele was later detained for the occurrence.

Nicholas Barrett attempts to steal $153 worth of cologne from Nordstrom

18-year-old Nicholas Barrett tried to steal merchandise from Nordstrom on March 26th. Joey Rodriguez Jr., a Nordstrom loss prevention officer, alerted the authorities. Rodriguez Jr. advised officers that he observed Barrett enter the establishment and attempt to conceal a $153 box of cologne before exiting the store. When he walked out, Rodriguez Jr. detained him and waited for the police. Then, Barrett was cited for the occurrence. Barrett was booked on the citation of theft on April 22nd.

Brandon Derrick steals his stepmother’s $700 rings, caught selling them at EZPAWN

24-year-old Brandon Derrick was caught selling the rings he stole from his stepmother, Monique Barton, at EZPAWN on March 7th. On February 13th, Barton placed a police report on Derrick for stealing her rings and pawning them. Upon further investigation, officers found that he pawned some rings at EZPAWN around the same time Barton said she had her rings stolen. Barton met with officers at the pawn shop and identified her rings. Her rings are worth around $700. Derrick was taken into custody and charged with theft on March 8th.

Marcus Lowe caught after stealing ex-girlfriend’s emotional support dog

44-year-old Marcus Allen Lowe was taken into custody for theft on February 29th. On November 30th, 2023, Amy Sander, Lowe’s ex-girlfriend, went to the authorities and advised them that Lowe stole her emotional support animal. Sander advised the animal is a gray and white female Pitbull Terrier named “Medusa Lowe.” Sander then provided officers with documentation of Medusa getting microchipped in February 2021 and showed them the emotional support registration, valid from October 9th, 2023 – October 8th, 2024. Sander explained that Lowe stole Medusa from their previously shared residence and refused to return her. Sander told officers that she wished to prosecute him for the theft. Marcus Lowe was taken into custody for theft on February 29th.