Knife vs. metal scooter; fight caught on camera

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28-year-old Sara Christopher and 34-year-old Joseph Clifton were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when Sara attacked Joseph with a knife after Joseph came after her with a scooter.

On September 13th, Metropolitan Nashville Police Officer James Hill was dispatched to 100 Middleton Street, Ryman Lofts in regards to a person with a weapon. Multiple complaints were made. Officer Hill observed Joseph Clifton walking towards him with Sara Christopher following approximately 20 feet away along Middleton Street. Joseph had a moderate laceration on his right arm that was actively bleeding. He explained that he had swung a metal scooter at Sara to defend himself. Officer Hill reported that as he was speaking to Sara she began yelling at him stating that she had “defended herself” from Joseph. Sara advised that she and Joseph had gotten into an argument and that he tried to hit her with a scooter and she defended herself by hitting him with a rock.

A witness approached the officer and explained that she had recorded the incident on her cell phone. The videos were broken up into separate segments. The first video depicted Sara standing in the road yelling at Joseph. She began walking up to him yelling and leaning towards him, at which point Joseph quickly moved forward and collided with her. When they did so, he began yelling back at her. The second video showed Sara standing on the opposite side of the street from Joseph. She pulled out a knife and walked across the street to Joseph holding it up with the blade extended as she approached him. He appeared to strike her defensively when she stepped forward with the knife. Joseph then approached her and yelled, “stab me”. The third video showed Joseph following Sara across the street with a metal scooter slung over his shoulder as Sara yelled at him to “hit her” with the scooter.

After a brief pause where they were separated, they both began walking towards each other. Joseph then sprinted at Sara while he raised and swung the scooter at her. When he began walking away from her, Sara turned around and started following him. She began chasing him with the knife in her hand and disarmed the scooter from him. Joseph then tells Sara to “stab him” and then she stabbed him in his right arm. They went on continuing to argue and physically fight with one another until the sound of police sirens became louder.

Sara Christopher and Josep Clifton were arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Both are currently jailed in lieu of $10,000 bonds.

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