Jasmine Meriwether stabs husband after woman flirts with him at a bar

Officers responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance at Hillmore Dr. on September 11th. Officers spoke with Louis Miller, and he stated that he and his wife, 33-year-old Jasmine Meriweather, went out to the bars when a female started dancing near their table and eventually ended up touching Miller’s arm. He told the female that he was there with his wife, and then Meriweather became upset, so he decided it would be best if they left the area and went to a nearby hookah bar on Antioch Pike, where the couple continued to argue about the female.

Miller stated that in the parking lot of the hookah bar, Meriweather struck him in his left eye, and when he grabbed her to stop her, she bit Miller on his upper chest and then again near his midsection. Miller then stuck his arm out to get away from Meriweather before striking her. Meriweather then rushed towards him, causing them to fall to the ground, and then Miller felt a sharp pain in his calf before noticing it bleeding. Meriweather fled the scene after Miller asked her what she stabbed him with. Officers observed the two bite marks and the puncture wound on his calf.