18-Year-Old Keiveon Kelly caught smoking marijuana in friend’s Camaro at TSU

18-year-old Keiveon Kelly sat in the passenger seat of Andrayvin Stewart’s black Camaro, smoking marijuana in the Boyd Hall parking at Tennessee State University on the afternoon of February 13th. Officers observed this, initiated a traffic stop, and as they walked up to the car, which reeked of marijuana, they observed Kelly holding the blunt. Officers asked the men what they were doing, and they both stated they were smoking a blunt. Stewart consented to a search of his Camaro, where officers found 92 grams of marijuana, a half-burned blunt, a Glock holster, an open box of clear plastic baggies, and three black bookbags. Neither of the men claimed ownership of the items found in the search. Officers searched Stewart and found $2,860 in $20-dollar-bills in his pockets. Officers then asked Stewart if he had a gun, and he replied, “I have a Glock 9 under my bed,” which they could not locate. During the search, Stewart and Kelly seemed nervous, pacing back and forth until Kelly suddenly grabbed a black bookbag on top of the Camaro and ran off. While Kelly ran away, a large bag of marijuana and a pair of tennis shoes fell out of the backpack. Kelly refused to stop when officers ordered him to. Kelly and Stewart were taken into custody for felony possession on March 13th.