Saturday Bail Out Report: East Nashville 09/09

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6 of our our East Nashville friends and neighbors were bailed out of jail in Nashville on Saturday. Bonds posted on 09/09 with a 37206, 37207, or 37216 home ZIP code.

Hall-Pride, Keith Berry St. 37206 Theft o/$10,000
Rosenkranz, Elizabeth BARCLAY DR 37206 DUI
Zirker, Avian S 6TH ST 37206 Driv. Lic. Suspended
Jones, Brandon GOODMORNING DR 37207 Poss.or Casual Exch.
Lymon, Jermaine W. Trinity Ln. 37207 Agg. Assault
Tyson, Sharika PAIGE CIR 37207 No Driver’s License

DEFENDANT: Elizabeth Theresa Rosenkranz

I noticed a vehicle fail to stop for the flashing red light on N 11th St at Gartland Avenue and conducted a traffic stop. When I spoke with the driver, Ms. Rosenkranz, I noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath. She stated she had consumed one drink, but also took prescription anti-depressants. I asked Ms. Rosenkranz to perform SFST as well as Romberg and finger to nose. I observed indicators of impairment and took her into custody. I asked Ms. Rosenkranz to read the implied consent form and she consented to a blood test.

DEFENDANT: Brandon Lamont Jones

Defendant was observed at 2202 Dickerson Pike asleep in the front seat of the car. Officers responded to check the welfare of the Defendant. Upon waking the defendant up there was a distinct odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and also a small amount in plain view in the front center console. Officers asked the defendant about the substance and he stated that it was his and that was all in the car. When searching the vehicle due to plain view and plain smell there was 2.2 grams of marijuana discovered in the center console of the vehicle. State citation could not be issued due to the defendant having out of state warrants in Georgia for failure to appear to court.

DEFENDANT: Jeremaine L. Lymon

(victim1) came to 1360 Brick church Pke to pick up his friend (victim2) . (victim1) stated the defendant came over to the car and started beating up (victim2) . The defendant then turned to (victim1) and started punching him in the face. The defendant then fled the location before Officers arrived. (victim1) went to the hospital to be evaluated. (victim1) was bleeding from his face and had swollen eyes, which appeared to be occular bone damage. (victim1) will be getting an x-ray.


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