Amanda ‘Savage’ Johnson Sold Stranger’s Car to ‘Buy-N-Tow’ While Parked on Street At His Home

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Amanda Johnson has a long history of selling things that don’t belong to her, generally taken from stores as she shoplifts, or does fraudulent returns and sells the store value cards for cash – but her most recent arrest was for a new method of instant cash – she figured out a way to sell a stranger’s cars for cash – directly from street parking in front of their homes. She simply called Buy and Tow, told them it was her car, and they paid her cash  ($200) and towed it away. No checks, no balances, no making sure the name on the registration matched her ID, just a literal buy and tow.

This victim’s vehicle was parked on the street in front of his residence when this defendant summoned Lawrence Cammon (Buy & Tow vehicle salvage company) to the scene and then sold this vehicle as scrap. The defendant produced her drivers’ license and then signed a “bill of sale” and she took a $200 cash payment in exchange for this victim’s vehicle. This sale / transaction was discovered after the victim discovered his vehicle had been stolen, he then reviewed his home security camera system. The home security cameras showed “Buy & Tow” completing the purchase of this victim’s vehicle and then they towed away this vehicle. Police were summoned to report the theft and “Buy & Tow” was then contacted by Officer Holmes. “Buy & Tow” returned to the theft scene with the vehicle and then returned it to the victim. This victim does not know this defendant and he did not give her permission to possess or sell his vehicle.

So, how was she able to sell the vehicle that wasn’t in her name? Buy and Tow dropped the ball. While a title isn’t required if the vehicle is more than 12 years old, the identification/photo ID of the seller should match the registration on the vehicle to confirm ownership – obviously there was no match in this case. This is not the first case of Buy and Tow buying vehicles that are stolen. In fact Johnson’s boyfriend used the same company to sell a stolen truck previously and is currently in jail for this crime, among others.

Johnson is currently being held in the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department with a $25,000 bond, as she also had to open bench warrants at the time of her arrest. For the theft above she is charged with felony Theft of Vehicle – >$1,000 but <$2,500.


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