ARREST: Bryant Burton Sells A Car From Hotel Parking Lot to Buy & Tow for $100 Cash Money.

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Last Thursday, MNPD received a call from the Crossland Studios on Murfreesboro Rd, stating that Bryant Burton was in a vacant room. He was indeed found there, and arrested for criminal trespass, but that’s not the interesting part. He also had an open warrant from October – this is where it gets interesting, and it’s a scam you’ve heard before on ENN.

In October, Bryant Burton went to the parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel, where he found a 2005 Saturn Ion parked there. It was at this point that Burton contacted Buy & Tow and told them he had a vehicle to sell them to them as scrap metal, in exchange for cash on the spot. They agreed on $100 cash, at which point the tow driver met him in the parking lot of the Sheraton to complete the deal.

Burton was given $100 in cash, Buy & Tow then towed the car, and scrapped it for parts/metal. During the transaction, Burton did provide Buy & Tow with a copy of his ID.

This is our 3rd report of this happening in Nashville, and we suspect there may be dozens more. Here’s our previous coverage of people selling stranger’s cars to Buy & Tow Nashville:

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MNPD Affidavit:

This victim reports that she had parked her vehicle (2005/ Saturn/ ION/ VIN# xxxx / valued at approximately $2,595 KBB) in the parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel (777 McGavock Pike).

On 10/14/17, this victim reports that she discovered her vehicle was missing and she later reported it as stolen.

This investigation reveals that this vehicle was sold as scrap metal to Express Auto Salvage in Lavergne by “Buy & Tow” salvage company on 10/18/17. Upon contact with “Buy & Tow” I was able to speak with Mr. Donald Tatum (Buy & Tow driver) and I was given a picture of this defendant’s ID where he sold this vehicle to “Buy & Tow.”Mr. Tatum advises that the defendant met him in the parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel where he (defendant) then sold the victim’s vehicle to him in exchange for $100 cash.

This victim is familiar with this defendant (he worked with the victim’s husband at the Sheraton Hotel) but, she never gave the defendant permission to sell or otherwise dispose of her vehicle. As a result of the defendants’ actions the victim’s vehicle has various missing components and is not currently driveable.

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