Did Blake Austin Hughes Rob a Nashville Art Crawl?

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Rumors were flying in Nashville’s art community on Thursday, when a post appeared on reddit, when someone admitting to stealing art from an art show in /r/Shoplifting.

“The other night I went to an underground art show and stole 5 paintings straight from the wall. Just walked out like I owned them I guess everyone assumed I did or that I bought them. Scanned them in and am now selling prints for like $50 each. It’s super easy to get out of places like that with a shit ton worth of goods, just gotta look as weird as whoever painted that shit.”

The author of the post was quickly identified as Blake Austin Hughes, who lives in Nashville – and was even spotted in photographs at the Art Crawl last week. Hughes was contacted for his side of the story, but had not responded at time of publication. We have not heard of any artists or galleries report any work as stolen yet – though it may not be something that would be made public right away, as the art community is historically tight knit.

We have located what we believe (unconfirmed) to be a photo of Blake Austin Hughes at the Nashville Art Crawl:

So, which is it, Blake Austin Hughes, are you a thief, or just a liar?

According to his own statements he is selling the prints for $50/each – thought it’s not clear if he even owns such equipment to be able to produce them. What Is known, is that he needs the money. He was recently found in default of a $2,900 loan from Advance Financial in a Davidson County Court.

If you hear of anyone missing artwork from last week’s Art Crawl, please speak up.

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3 Thoughts to “Did Blake Austin Hughes Rob a Nashville Art Crawl?”

  1. Rebecca Kyzer

    It’s becoming clear that people named Austin might be shady.

  2. dave daverton

    Here’s pretty compelling evidence that it’s him: https://imgur.com/a/OYDeG

  3. JD

    He’s also a racist white supremacist. If you see him in Nashville. Do everyone a favor and punch his teeth in.

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