The Cleo Has Flooded. Ceilings Have Caved In from Water. Walls are Cracking. Management Is Silent.

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UPDATE: The Cleo Manage has responded to residents regarding all the flooded and damaged units – calling the situation a ‘natural disaster’ and telling all of those that can’t stay in their rental units to contact their renter’s insurance to pay for accommodations until they are unable to return to their homes, despite having empty unaffected spaced they could house them in, or offering to cover the cost up front. Here’s the email sent out at lunch on Thursday:

The Cleo Has Flooded. Ceilings Have Caved In from Water. Walls are Cracking. Management Is Silent.

Around lunch on Wednesday we began receiving images of what was going on at The Cleo (that both we, and residents, affectionately call the ‘Frat House’ of East Nashville) – and frankly it was shocking. By 8PM last night we had received dozens of photos and videos, as well as hundreds of posts from the internal social media group for residents. Pipes all over the building apparently busted, causing cracks in walls and ceilings, ceilings to cave in, and dozens, if not hundreds, of gallons of water to come crashing through apartments. Initially management reported it to only be on the first floor – however it quickly spread to several floors above, and management has not made any formal comment since.

Let’s start with some of the unbelievable images of this brand new (parts still under construction) high-end apartment building in East Nashville. Just after 5PM Wednesday, a resident posted on social media:

Gallons of water just dropped from the ceiling on 3rd floor. The Cleo management has told affected residents that The Cleo is not responsible for any of this and are not putting everyone who has to vacate up. There is at least one person I heard that will be put in a temporary unit but the rest are left to figure it out themselves. The Cleo said that they’ll let people use empty storage units but only if they pay for it. People are paying for Air BnBs tonight and for movers out of pocket.

[Audio is NSFW] – Parts of ceiling caving in @ The Cleo East Nashville 01/03/2017

All night last night, multiple residents have reported hearing new creaking and noises in the walls, where the pipes are located:


At 11:30 PM Wednesday night, the cracks below were spotted in the 3rd floor hallway, in what appears to be in the shape of pipes:

Here’s some of the flooding, on multiple floors, from Wednesday evening:

This is in the hallway connecting the two elevators, 4th floor. Flooding is below on 3

In all of this mess – one email from management:

Another resident posted about management’s lack of response:

I just saw my neighbors in tears trying to figure out moving trucks and AirBnB all on their own. They were told if they wanted to use storage they would have to pay for it. I saw gallons of water fall through their ceiling with my own eyes. I’m truly happy some people are getting adequate assistance but please know that some totally aren’t at all. I saw it for myself.”

Fogelman Management, Where are you? Where is the help? Why are some people being helped, and others paying for accommodations out of pocket? Why are you so quiet? We’re listening.

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2 Thoughts to “The Cleo Has Flooded. Ceilings Have Caved In from Water. Walls are Cracking. Management Is Silent.”

  1. Alex Williams

    The contractor that built the complex did not insulate the pipe properly, which does not make this a “Natural Disaster”

    The renter/owners have recourse if they choose to go down that avenue.

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