Delrossi says his warrants aren’t for ‘real crimes’, Blames Sheri Weiner for them, Panders to LGBT Voters

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When Scoop: Nashville was the first to discover the existence of two open and active warrants for Matthew Delrossi’s arrest in the city of Austin Texas, and report on his bond status, he immediately went into panic mode and denied their existence. Then he admitted and downplayed them, then denied them, and now blames them on someone else. So, as an added assurance to their legitimacy we contacted the City of Austin’s spokesperson, who confirmed they were active criminal warrants, and he would be arrested by the police if found in that area, or if his plates were ran by police in the city or county. The city confirmed the warrants have been active since 2010, when they were signed by a judge after he did not appear for court for them. In fact you can see that here, on the historical record of the warrants:

In fact, anyone can verify these warrants on the Austin, Tx .gov website, using his last name ‘Delrossi’ and DOB: ’09/28/1981′ – as always, you should verify these on your own if you have any doubts. He once did finally admit to them on the record here:

During a conversation on Wednesday, Delrossi again stated that these were not ‘real crimes’, and blamed them on his political opponent Sheri Weiner. He also stated he considered becoming a police officer, despite having a year old reckless driving conviction at the time (plead from a DUI), which would have been an obvious barrier to becoming an officer.

“failure to notify change of address…… not a real Crime, this is most likely Sheri Weiner calling a friend down in Texas to pull some dirt on me. I did a criminal background check and warrant search on myself last year when I was considering applying as a police officer. These did not come up.”

Later on Wednesday, Delrossi says he has asked the FBI to run a criminal check on him in order to “clear his name”, despite the fact that the ‘Triple I’ and NCIC check performed by FBI would likely not show a local city warrant that isn’t extraditable – but the city of Austin does still confirm the active warrant status:

Late Wednesday night, Matthew Delrossi appeared via phone on a Bellevue talk show, where he said he “didn’t really have a plan” in relation to his campaign. He says he “caused a stir to get face-time” and now feels like he’s being “crucified”. Delrossi has also asked this reporter to remove certain posts, stating “You’re putting my life in danger at this point” in regards to posting his quote about former Mayor Barry & her son. His request was declined.

Beefcast 07.11.18–Phone Interview with Matt Delrosi (The Beefline 615.422.7484)

The Beef and Squeezy interview Vice Mayoral Candidate Matt Delrosi on The Beefcast with Beef & Squeezy in Bellevue Beef & Beyond (Presented by Doxie’s Pizza)

The Beefline 615.422.7484

Posted by The Beef on Thursday, July 12, 2018

What is clear, is that Delrossi seems to pander to the audience he’s in front of at the time. When talking to the hosts of Bellevue Beef & Beyond last night, he downplayed his angst against what he called the city’s 1%, yet calls that same group of people out when talking to citizens of Antioch.

Last week he publicly posted in support of gay marriage, and stated that might even exclusively officiate gay weddings if elected – however within hours the post was removed by Delrossi, and when questioned about his deleting his post of support in a Facebook group with tens of thousands of voters, he gave the following personal reply, even saying that he was bisexual, as if that made hiding his support in order to be elected to be acceptable:

During a conversation, Delrossi made it clear that he would not be able to be elected if he publicly showed his support for gay marriage, however he would support it once elected. Delrossi is set to appear in court this afternoon, in relation to his current order of protection violation at 1PM.

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