Nashville Podcast Celebrates 100th Episode with 24-hour Live Broadcast Attempt

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Since July of 2106, a Nashville trio has been producing a podcast called ‘Blame Your Brother‘, and it’s like no other in town. Every week they take you on a journey through their takes on major headlines, major keys, a Dear John segment, and the infamous ‘Who’s to Blame?’ game. If you watch the video version, you can also see their popular #BlameYourSelfie portion of the show. This week they will be celebrating their 100th episode by attempting a 24-hour continuous live broadcast – a first for any podcast in the city.

From 8 PM Friday until 8 PM Saturday, the two brothers and their frumpy lifelong friend will be on-air and live on in a special 24-hour live show, in celebration of their 100th show.


Guests will include Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Evony, the ‘Girls, Beer, Sports’ podcast, Haley St John from 102.9 the buzz, Not Playing Stupid, writer Marlin Mealer, Rusty Greer, Michael Anthony, musician Josh Baker, Shawna Hampton, Minx from ‘Cooter & Minx’, Josh Roberson, musician Jude Quinn, Comp My Pod, actress Elisabeth Donaldson, Fake Ass Radio Show, Adam and JP, Bobbi Jo Hennessey, Little Geek Lost, Comedian Mikah Wyman, local legend Raquel Redd, synth pop/rock artist Ender Bowen, & Jason from Scoop: Nashville.

Meet the Guys!

Who are the guys behind ‘Blame Your Brother’? Real life brothers David & Lee Brewington, along with their long-time friend John Tortorello make up the voices you hear on the podcast (you can also see them on David & Lee agreed to chat with us about the show, and it was clear that both do the show out of a pure love for their listeners, and seeing their fan base not only grow, but interact among themselves – both in regards to the show, and beyond. Lee says he was initially hesitant yet another new project (he’s done CATV, bands, etc.. over the years), but put his faith in his close relationship with the other two co-hosts, and a social live stream media success was born. Lee is responsible for most of the tech on the show, including the green screen graphics that often appear on the show’s social media accounts. David is the older brother, and has been podcasting for over a decade, and says that getting feedback from listeners always makes his day better, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of doing a podcast, he says. The fans of the ‘Blame Your Brother’ podcast are called ‘Blamers’ and are never lacking on the feedback and social media interaction.

We asked both brothers which Nashvillian they’d most like to interview on the show, and both answers surprised us. David picked Matt Friction of The Pink Spiders. David says he’s been a 15+ year fan. Americana artist Becky Warren was Lee’s pick for the ultimate Nashvillian interview.

We were unable to find any previous attempts at a 24-hour continuous live podcast in Music City, so this may be a first for Nashville’s history. The fun starts at 8 PM Friday night, and goes for a solid 24 non-stop hours, if they can pull it off. You can watch it live at starting tomorrow night!

John did not respond to requests for an interview, we can only assume he was busy laundering his magic underwear, repairing his disappointment cannon, or just being frumpy. Tune into the show if you want to find out more.



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