Hermitage: Daisy Duke’s Downfall #CLOSED

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It’s hard to stay in business when the creditors that have a financial judgment against you are willing to file levies with the court to take all the cash from your safe every night you’re open, and all your computers, equipment, and anything else of value in your building, until there’s nothing left.

That’s exactly what happened to Daisy Dukes in Hermitage, which now has a handwritten sign on their door announcing their ‘CLOSED PERMANENTLY’ status.

It all started when Daisy Dukes (East Lake Limited Inc, in legal documents), refused to pay their $13,098 bill, due to Anago Nashville, for commercial cleaning services rendered to the business. Anago sued Daisy Duke’s for the amount due to them in January, and after a couple of continuances, the Judge entered the judgement against Daisy Dukes, for the full amount on April 30th.

A garnishment was served on the bank account of Daisy Dukes to seize the $13K+ due, but in the reply from Fifth Third Bank in June, they noted no funds were available in the account. That’s when Anago knew they only way they were ever going to see any money from Daisy Dukes mostly cash business was to file for a levy on anything that was worth any money and removable at the business location, and that’s exactly what they did. On June 12th, they order was signed, and on July 5th, the DCSO’s Levy Squad (who we covered when they had an order to take Nashville reality star Julie Chrisley’s jewelry) showed up at Daisy Duke’s in Hermitage and seized the only thing available, which was $860.00 in cash.

This didn’t sit well with Paul Eichel of Daisy Dukes, who immediately filed a slow-pay motion with the court the following day, on July 6th – and on July 9th the order was agreed upon for Paul to pay $500 a month to Anago to satisfy the $13K debt. In the order signed under oath, Eichel claims that he pays $8,500/month in rent, $3,000 in utilities, $2,000 in food, and $7,500 in liquor and beef, for total monthly expenses for the business of $21,000. On the same order he claims $25,000 a month in receipts, leaving a $4,000 month difference. Oddly enough, he doesn’t list any labor costs for his business or employees, no insurance costs, or any other of a dozen other regular monthly business expenses, leaving these numbers to be questioned.

Nonetheless, the important part to Anago was that on the slow pay order, he agreed to pay $500 month to them until the $13K debt was repaid, and they agreed to stop having the DCSO Levy Squad showing up at his business to take all the cash from their tills every time they had an event, or a busy weekend. That order was approved by the judge on July 9th, and $500 monthly payments were to be due on the 5th of every month, which also happens to be today. Yesterday, on August 4th, Eichel had a ‘PERMANENTLY CLOSED’ sign placed on the door, knowing that he had not made the $500 monthly payment to Anago via the courts, and the the Levy Squad would likely show up to take all the cash again, the next time the doors opened.

If you’re thinking this all sounds familiar, that’s because it does. Here are the previously lawsuits against Eichel and his various other business interests. If history is any indicator, he will have a new LLC formed, operating as a new venue, before anyone even notices.

The only question is, what will Paul Eichel open next?








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