Man pawned stolen $1600 guitar for $50, police say

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35-year-old James Jordan, II, is charged with felony theft after police say he walked out of Guitar Center with a $1600 Fender Stratocaster guitar and pawned it for $50 on Nolensville Pike.

Vanderbilt Police say the 35-year-old waled into the Guitar Center at 100 Oaks in March of this year, and removed a white Fender Stratocaster guitar from the back wall, and walked out the front door without any attempt to pay for the guitar, valued at $1,600 retail.

James Jordan II (MNPD)
James Jordan II (MNPD)

Using the pawnshop database, it was found pawned at Cash America Pawn, just two hours after it was stolen. Jordan used his own name and identification for the transaction, for which he received $50 in cash. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was taken into custody this Saturday, charged with felony theft over $1,000. He is free on a $1,500 cash bond, scheduled to appear in court in July.

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