Man falls on pedestrian bridge; charged with public intoxication

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23-year-old Nicklaus Mocabee was charged with public intoxication after he had fallen on a pedestrian bridge and could no longer walk on his own.

Nicklaus Mocabee (MNPD)
Nicklaus Mocabee (MNPD)

On February 29th, officers observed Nicklaus Mocabee on the pedestrian bridge after he had fallen down. Police found that Nicklaus was so intoxicated that he could not stand or walk on his own. Officers stated that Nicklaus had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech, and also had the smell of alcohol coming from his breath. Niklaus was then taken into custody and transported to booking.

Nicklaus Mocabee was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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