Man breaks into local church, steals several computers and televisions

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30-year-old Curtis Smith was charged with burglary after he broke into Outreach Ministries International Church, stole several computers and televisions, and tried to sell them to a friend.

On June 7th, Outreach Ministries International Church was broken into by defendant, Curtis Smith, where he stole several computers and televisions. He took four of the computers to Betty Walker at 31 Carroll Street to sell them to her but she refused. On June 8th, Smith took the car that he was borrowing from his ex-girlfriend, Victoria Dowdy, back and he told her that he robbed the church. After he dropped it off he left to go to a rehab center in Knoxville, Tennessee. She went and checked the vehicle and found a television which she took back to the church and gave it to Tonya Cooper.

Curtis Smith (MNPD)
Curtis Smith (MNPD)

On June 9th, the officer went to Outreach Ministries International Church to speak to the complainant, Vladan Seidl, and his niece Tonya Cooper. Cooper told the officer that she knew that Smith took some of the property to Walker at 31 Carroll Street and she went and recovered four laptops from her. Later that day the officer went and spoke to Walker at 31 Carroll Street who told him that Smith came there trying to sell laptops for $20. She said that she knew him for years and identified him with a picture that the officer showed her confirming that he was the suspect.

On June 23rd, Curtis Smith was arrested and charged with burglary. His bond was set at $25,000.

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