Nashville man booked with opened bottle of vodka in pants

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44-year-old Roger Henson was charged with public intoxication after causing a disturbance at 7067 Highway S in Nashville. Law enforcement later found an opened bottle of vodka in his back pocket.

On May 31st, Officer Meskers received a call regarding a potential domestic disturbance at 7067 Highway S in Nashville. When Meskers arrived at the scene he met Roger Henson. According to the affidavit, Henson was causing a scene at the location by screaming and cursing.

Roger Henson (MNPD)
Roger Henson (MNPD)

Meskers noted that Henson seemed to be highly inebriated, describing him as having a slurred speech, being unsteady on his feet, and having bloodshot, watery eyes. Upon further investigation, law enforcement recovered an open bottle of vodka on Henson’s person.

Roger Henson was arrested and charged for public intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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