Nashville man booked with opened bottle of vodka in pants

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44-year-old Roger Henson was charged with public intoxication after causing a disturbance at 7067 Highway S in Nashville. Law enforcement later found an opened bottle of vodka in his back pocket.

On May 31st, Officer Meskers received a call regarding a potential domestic disturbance at 7067 Highway S in Nashville. When Meskers arrived at the scene he met Roger Henson. According to the affidavit, Henson was causing a scene at the location by screaming and cursing.

Roger Henson (MNPD)
Roger Henson (MNPD)

Meskers noted that Henson seemed to be highly inebriated, describing him as having a slurred speech, being unsteady on his feet, and having bloodshot, watery eyes. Upon further investigation, law enforcement recovered an open bottle of vodka on Henson’s person.

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Roger Henson was arrested and charged for public intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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