Man threatens girlfriend by asking dogs if they “wanted to see a perfect murder”

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49-year-old Donald Gaddis was charged with domestic assault when he made numerous threats toward his girlfriend including “You’re lucky I’m letting you live tonight”.

On August 24th, officers were dispatched to 603 Morrow Road in response to a domestic disturbance call. Charleen Larkins, the girlfriend of Donald Gaddis, reported that she and Donald live together at the residence and he had made multiple threats to her throughout the evening. Charleen stated that he said “You’re lucky I’m letting you live tonight” and that he looked at the dogs inside the house and asked them “if they wanted to see a perfect murder tonight.”

Donald Gaddis (MNPD)
Donald Gaddis (MNPD)

The officer advised that Charleen was very emotional and crying when she told police that if they left she believed he would kill her. She refused when officers asked her if she had any injuries or if she would like to receive medical aid. The officers also asked her if she would like to prosecute and obtain an order of protection to which she agreed. Although Charleen stated that she was in fear of bodily injury in regards to Donald’s statements toward her, officers were unable to determine the primary aggressor due to lack of evidence.

Donald Gaddis was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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Nashville, TN 37209
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