Mother charged with neglect after neighborhood search for toddler

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29-year-old Taquery Bigham was charged with child neglect when her 2-year-old son disappeared from her apartment and she made no attempt to look for him, insisting that she was sure he was in the home somewhere.

On August 16th, officers responded to a report of a missing 2-year-old at 562 South 5th Street. When officers arrived on the scene, they attempted to contact Taquery Bigham. Friends, family, and neighbors were casing the area to find the child. Officers were not able to get in contact with Bigham despite receiving calls from members of the search party as well. Bigham’s boyfriend found the boy three buildings away from the apartment. He had traveled more than 150 yards. The toddler had been missing around 15-20 minutes before he was able to be located. Officers then began their search for Bigham.

Taquery Bigham (MNPD)
Taquery Bigham (MNPD)

Witnesses and rescuers at the scene informed police that Bigham had been intoxicated before the incident and had a drinking problem. Bigham’s boyfriend advised police that when he came into the apartment and realized the toddler had disappeared he “tore the house apart” looking for him while she did nothing. She kept insisting that she was sure he was in the home somewhere.

Due to her inebriated state and her negligence, the child was able to walk away and potentially suffer severe bodily harm. Bigham finally left her neighbor’s home and revealed herself to the police only once the boy was found. Officers noted her eyes were watery, bloodshot, and she was unsteady. Bigham confessed to having alcohol earlier in the day and taking a shot in her morning coffee on a daily basis. She was detained without incident.

Taquery Bigham was arrested and charged with child neglect. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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