Fox cake fiasco; The tale of two cakes

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Ginny Mcpherson was unpleasantly surprised by a cake she received from Christopher Williams for her daughter’s baby shower. In an attempt to save others, she took to a Facebook group to post evidence of the faux pas.

On November 6th, Ginny Mcpherson posted in a Facebook group by the name of “Lyles, Bon Aqua, Fairview Stuff for Sale.” She picked up a fox cake for a baby shower her daughter, Carolyn Jimenez, was having the next day. The fox cake was made by Christopher Williams, who owns Heavenly SINsations Patisserie in Spring Hill. She stated in her post that she sent him pictures of the fox cake she wanted, and he confirmed that he could do it with frosting instead of the fondant icing used in the original picture.

When she received the cake she felt as though it was too late to return it. She attempted to take it home to “fix it.,” but the cake fell apart on her way back. She tried to send Christopher a picture of it melting, but claimed Christopher Williams had already blocked her and did not return the $145.00 she paid for the service.

After reaching out to Carolyn Jimenez and her husband, she stated it was their first baby shower. She received a call from her distraught mother over the appearance of the cake. Her mother told her she attempted to contact Christopher over the condition of the cake, but he had already “blocked her from everything.” Carolyn continued to state that, on top of its appearance, the cake had “no flavor,” and her mother would not have posted about it if he had fixed the issue.

Scoop: Nashville reached out to Christopher Williams for comment. He has yet to return any of our messages.

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