Man admits to police that he took Xanax, says he was “not reacting right”

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42-year-old Charles Rasnick was charged with public intoxication after police say he was found unsteady on his feet and slurring his words while trying to get into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

On November 22nd, officers were dispatched to 4th Avenue South at Korean Veterans Boulevard and encountered Charles Rasnick pulling on the door to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Prior to this incident, Rasnick was also warned by police to leave the Hilton at 121 4th Ave South, and police say that he was uneasy on his feet and slurring his words. At that time, officers did not have probable cause and were not able to charge him. On Ransick’s second encounter with the police, he admitted to taking Xanax and said that he was “not reacting right.”

Charles Rasnick (MNPD)

According to the affidavit, officers had also received calls that Rasnick was stumbling in the street and he was nearly hit by vehicles. While officers were investigating, Rasnick fell asleep standing up and was severely slurring his words. The officers tried to offer medical help once again, but when Rasnick refused he was taken into custody in lieu of being a danger to himself and others.

Charles Rasnick was arrested and charged with public intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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