[UPDATE: TBI REVERSES DECISION] TBI says you can’t legally buy a gun if you have a DUI conviction, starting today in TN

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TBI’s TICS unit, responsible for those instant background checks when you purchase a firearm from a dealer, sent a notice this morning stating effective immediately they would begin denying the PURCHASE of a gun if the person had a DUI conviction in the last 5 years. Previously, this only applied to a carry permit, but TBI has re-interpreted the new permitless carry law that went into effect on July 1.

UPDATE: just after 2 p.m. TBI Director David Rausch reversed the prior email, sending this out to dealers, reversing the earlier interpretation of the law.

Here is the email FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealers received this morning:

From: TICS on behalf of Sandi Duncan
Sent: Thursday, July 1, 2021, 9:26 AM
Subject: July 1, 2021 New Law

As of July 1, 2021, a new law has gone into effect. (Attached) I wanted to notify all the FFL Dealers in the state, because TICS will now have to deny firearm transactions on individuals that have been convicted of one DUI within the last five years, and individuals that have two DUI convictions in the last ten years. I was hoping this new law would not have an effect on the purchases, but I was notified late yesterday that we would now have to deny the transactions that meet this criteria. I have attached the Public Chapter 108 which is the new Permitless Carry Law.

Sandi Duncan
CJIS Manager – TICS Unit
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
901 R.S. Gass Blvd. Nashville, TN. 37216

We have reached out to TBI for comment and clarification. They would not answer questions via phone, and had not they replied to our emailed questions at time of publication.

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