Timothy Isokait cusses out onTrac Security at Nashville International Airport

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41-year-old Timothy Isokait refused to get on the bus or return inside to the secured area between The Satellite Concourse and the bus lane exit doors at the car rental area of BNA late April 12th. Upon arrival, onTrac Security spoke with officers, advising them that Isokait went outside as if he were going to get on a bus to the main terminal. Then, they noticed he was not getting onto a bus, so they asked him what he was doing. Isokait showed signs of intoxication and “cussed them out.”

Officers spoke with Isokait, who told them he missed his flight and attempted to call Allegiant Airlines to locate his bags. While he was speaking, officers noticed he reeked of alcohol. They explained to him that they could go inside to talk to the airline to rebook his flight and to help find his luggage, but Isokait declined, stating, “I am not going back inside,” adding that he was on the phone with a friend who would pick him up.

Officers explained there was no public access where they were, and he would have to go to the main terminal to be picked up. They then asked him for his ID, which he initially refused before providing it to them while trying to get on the bus, telling them he called an Uber and was waiting for them. Officers tried to inform him that Uber does not pick up anyone at The Satellite Concourse, but he cut them off repeatedly, telling them, “I do not need to listen to you.” Isoakit was then taken into custody for public intoxication.

Timothy Isokait (MNPD)
Timothy Isokait (MNPD)

Timothy Isokait was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on April 13th, charged with public intoxication. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $100.

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