Alteisha Cole tries to finesse self-checkout at Target on Lebanon Pike #finesse2times

31-year-old Alteisha Trenee Cole stole merchandise from Target on Lebanon Pike in the early hours of February 22nd. Surveillance shows Cole selecting items, placing them in the cart, going to self-checkout, and starting a transaction. During checkout, she entered her membership into the system before scanning two notebooks and two jockey girl clothing items, totaling $33.38, which she paid for while bypassing eight additional clothing items, totaling $132. After this, she left in a black Jeep Wrangler.

On March 5th, she was seen on camera entering the same Target, grabbing merchandise, and going to self-checkout. During the transaction, she scanned and paid for ten items while bypassing twenty-five, totaling $824.97. She then scanned her member ID under “Alteishia Cole” and left the location. On March 13th, warrants were issued for her arrest. Cole was taken into custody for two counts of theft on April 2nd.