DUI: Cory Wood drinks 3 Michelob Ultras at Pantera concert before crashing car

30-year-old Cory Wood was reportedly in a car accident on Shelby Avenue and Interstate Drive in the early hours of February 10th. Officers noticed Wood attempting to change a flat tire on his vehicle with front-end damage consistent with a collision. Officers asked Wood if he was involved in an accident, and he replied that he didn’t think so. Wood was visibly intoxicated, bracing himself against his car to stand up before consenting to sobriety tests, which he performed poorly. Officers then asked him for his license, and Wood immediately forgot what officers asked him about. Then, Wood admitted to drinking three “big” glasses of Michelob Ultra at the Pantera concert and one more glass sometime after. Wood was transported to the hospital, where he fell asleep before being taken into custody for driving under the influence.