Davis Deloach assaults brother, gives him concussion during argument over Tupperware

23-year-old Davis Deloach was jailed on November 27th after assaulting his brother on 47th Avenue. Officers met with Edith Deloach, who stated that her daughter called her, stating that she received a phone call from her brother, Taylor Deloach, while he and Davis were fighting. Police went inside the home to speak with Taylor, who was lying in his bed because he felt dizzy and believed he had a concussion. He explained that the argument began over Tupperware containers that had ground beef stored in them. According to Taylor, Davis shoved him in the kitchen, and they began to tussle. He said the fight lasted about 20 minutes, finishing in his bedroom. After the fight, Davis cooked and returned to Taylor’s bedroom, where Davis stood outside his room, instigating until he took Taylor’s charger, and they began fighting again. Davis told officers that they both had been drinking. Officers observed injuries to both parties, but Taylor’s injuries were more severe, with bite marks all over his body. Medics did confirm that Taylor did have a concussion as he was shaking and vomiting from the assault. Davis was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody.