Erika Saavedra-Cervantes assaults husband during argument about money he owes her

44-year-old Erika Tatiana Saavedra-Cervantes had a domestic incident with her husband, Fransisco Jose Torres, near Hightail on Eatons Creek Road late April 17th. Upon arrival, officers located and separated the couple to investigate. Torres told the police that he and Saavedra-Cervantes argued over her being on the phone with another male. The argument escalated when she started hitting him in the face with her phone in her hand, leaving broken skin and redness on the left side of his cheek and ear. Officers then spoke with Saavedra-Cervantes, who stated she and Torres argued about money he owed her. During the argument, she stated that Torres began calling her offensive names and slapped her on the side of her face. Officers deemed Saavedra-Cervantes as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 18th.