Erika Saavedra-Cervantes assaults husband during argument about money he owes her

44-year-old Erika Tatiana Saavedra-Cervantes had a domestic incident with her husband, Fransisco Jose Torres, near Hightail on Eatons Creek Road late April 17th. Upon arrival, officers located and separated the couple to investigate. Torres told the police that he and Saavedra-Cervantes argued over her being on the phone with another male. The argument escalated when she started hitting him in the face with her phone in her hand, leaving broken skin and redness on the left side of his cheek and ear. Officers then spoke with Saavedra-Cervantes, who stated she and Torres argued about money he owed her. During the argument, she stated that Torres began calling her offensive names and slapped her on the side of her face. Officers deemed Saavedra-Cervantes as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 18th.

DUI: Justin Haynes tells police “I have already been drinking this evening”

28-year-old Justin Haynes drove his car with a flat tire at Buena Vista Pike on February 24th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop before the Overlook Ridge Apartments. They approached the driver’s side and asked him to roll down his window, which he did after rolling down a backseat window by mistake. Haynes told them he was coming from a family event at O’Charlie’s and trying to pull over to service his car. He was unsure of his whereabouts as they asked him to provide his driver’s credentials, and then they were notified about his suspended license. They asked him to exit his car to perform sobriety tests, but he refused, stating, “I have already been drinking this evening.” Officers saw an empty Four Loko can and Mike’s Hard Lemonade behind the passenger’s seat before Mirandizing him. Haynes agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in 0.13 BAC%, and then he was taken into custody for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

18-year-old Zahraa Malih punches brother in face for sitting on couch

18-year-old Zahraa Malih had a domestic dispute with her juvenile brother at their apartment on Old Mathews Road on January 31st. Her brother advised officers that they argued over him sitting on the couch. He advised that Zahraa told him that if he did not get off the couch, she would “beat his ass.” Then, he stood up, and Zahraa hit him in the face. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her to the ground in an attempt to stop her assault. He then got on top of Zahraa, and she continued to hit him while they were on the ground. He advised that he did not hit Zahraa back during the scuffle. Witness statements were consistent with his, saying Zahraa initiated the altercation verbally and physically. Zahraa was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 1st.

Margaret Slea hits disabled sister multiple times in chest, tells her “be quiet; you are supposed to listen to me!”

63-year-old Margaret Slea was jailed December 22nd, charged with abusing her sister, who is an adult with disabilities that lives at an assisted living facility on Ashland City Highway. Multiple employees and other witnesses reported the abuse to police and cooperated by providing statements. Officers determined that Slea visited her sister on December 21st, and hit her sister multiple times in the chest, and then shook her. The commotion caught the attention of witnesses, who entered the room and observed the assault. Slea shook her sister, telling her, “be quiet; you are supposed to listen to me!” The victim has an intellectual disability and is unable to care for herself, but was able to corroborate the witness reports, and pointed to her head, chest, and leg, when asked where her sister had abused her. Slea denied all accounts, and stated she only put her hand on her sister’s chest. She was taken into custody and charged with Vulnerable Adult Abuse.

Jacob Williams assaults woman over coins, tells her “You are a Wh*re!”

35-year-old Jacob Williams had an altercation with Ashley Gail Meeks on Dickerson Pike in the late hours of August 30th. Meeks spoke with the officers and advised that she took an Uber to meet with Williams to sell her coin collection and hang out. She stated they went to the back bedroom to chill, and a few hours later, they walked out towards the front area of the trailer park to the community trailer. She said that Williams got into an unknown silver four-doored sedan, which drove him back to his trailer, so she messaged him regarding his whereabouts because they were supposed to meet at the community trailer. Meeks waited on the front steps, and another individual came out and told her that she could not hang out if she did not have a space in the community trailer, so she began to walk to William’s trailer to retrieve her belongings. When she got to his trailer, a female named Ashley answered. She said she had never seen Meeks and needed to leave. Meeks advised her that she would not leave until she got her coins back or the $200 for them. Then, Williams reportedly came out and grabbed her hair, stating, “I owe you no money! you are a whore!” Meeks said that Williams pulled her down the steps, dragged her across the ground, grabbed her phone from her, hit her in the face, and threw the phone, causing it to break. Meeks tried calling the police during this incident but could not until she ran away to the front of the trailer park, contacting them via Siri. Williams was taken into custody for vandalism, theft, and domestic assault on December 9th.