Sara Hardeman assaults 13-year-old child at Altitude Trampoline Park

40-year-old Sara Elizabeth Hardeman had an altercation with a 13-year-old child at Altitude Trampoline Park on Lebanon Pike late May 18th. When officers arrived, they spoke with the child’s father, Christopher William Stewart, who advised them that he wanted to press charges. Officers noticed the 13-year-old had several red marks on his body as he told them it hurt to move his neck in certain ways, so they had him transported to Vanderbilt Pediatrics. Then, the establishment provided officers with footage of the occurrence. The footage showed Hardeman walking over to the child in the foam pit and talking with him before grabbing his shirt, forcing him out of the pit, and walking him toward the exit with her hands by his collarbone as he tried to get away. After she released him, she pushed him in the chest and then left. The business gave police Hardeman’s information, and when they called her, she stated she was already at her house in Lebanon, Tennessee. Officers waited for her to return, and when she did, they detained her for the incident. Hardeman was taken into custody for assault on May 19th.