Jarred Gigliotti crashes scooter into bus which runs over his wife’s hand

On the afternoon of September 29th, Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Demonbreun Street and 8th Avenue South regarding an accident. Upon arrival, officers observed 34-year-old Jarred Gigliotti holding the hand of his passenger, his wife, due to injuries she sustained as their scooter crashed into a WeGo Transit bus. He became irate once medics started to help the passenger and attempted to confront the driver of the MTA Bus before being stopped by an Officer and a bystander. Gigliotti began to walk away as Officers were gathering his information and showed visible signs of intoxication.

Officers witnessed Gigliotti punch a wall and try to confront the driver again before trying to get onto a scooter to go to the hospital with his wife. Gigliotti was detained and placed into a patrol car for safety issues while Officers gathered more information from witnesses regarding the incident. Officers were told that the bus driver attempted to slow down and merge into the left lane but was unable due to traffic and as the bus tried to avoid Gigliotti and his wife, the mirror of the bus clipped his wife, knocking them off the scooter before the bus ran over her hand. Gigliotti was read his Miranda rights before agreeing to speak with Officers. He admitted to being in control of the scooter and consuming 5 12oz. beers at Jason Aldean’s Bar. Officers had probable cause to believe Gigliotti was operating a vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant, and after obtaining a sample of blood, he was transported to booking for Aggravated Vehicular Assault.