Ashley Willford rams ex-boyfriend’s car multiple times

38-year-old Ashley Willford was booked on an outstanding warrant from September 5th after driving her silver Honda Pilot into the back of his gray Nissan Altima on Meadow Court. Keenan Jeffers told police that he was in his friend’s driveway helping them move when Ms. Williford, who was parked down the street, saw him and rammed her car into the back of his car three times before fleeing the scene. He explained that he and Ms. Willford were dating for a “while” but had broken up a month ago. He also stated she had spoken to his mother, found out he was moving, and got upset. Mr. Jeffers showed the police a video of Ms. Willford ramming her car into the back of his. Police observed broken glass, a broken rear window, damage to the trunk and bumper, and tire marks in the driveway’s gravel.