Jonathan Risen pulls gun on woman who cut him off in Kroger Parking Lot

23-year-old Jonathan Risen was jailed on April 7th after pointing a gun and threatening to shoot a woman that accidentally cut him off in a Kroger parking lot. Deborah Pendley told police that she didn’t see Risen’s car, then he pulled up next to her facing the opposite direction, pointed a gun at her, and told her “Not to f*/k with him, or he would shoot her.” Risen then fled the parking lot, but Pendley had already written down the license plate number. Her husband was also in the vehicle and provided a statement to the police. The tag came back to a white Ford Focus, and a BOLO was announced on the police radio. Risen was spotted turning onto Montchanin Drive and pulled over. All occupants were detained, and Risen was identified as the driver. He told police there was a gun in the vehicle, and it was found underneath the back side passenger seat. Officers conducted a show-up with Pendley on Old Hickory Boulevard, where she positively identified Risen as the person who pulled the gun on her.