Matthew Studer threatens to kill mom when he’s denied college tuition

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at Trail Cir. On the night of October 6th. Prior to officers arriving, 32-year-old Matthew Studer became upset with his mother, Kelly Studer, when she denied paying his college tuition and sent her two texts stating, “Kelly, just to warn you, sleep with one eye open” and “The next time you’ll see Matt’s significant life moment, it’ll be in the courtroom.”

Matthew also made two Facebook posts stating, “Well, she better sleep with one eye open; either that or my 33rd birthday will be spent underground; I dare anyone to call the cops.” In the second post, he posted his mother’s address, her vehicle, and her place of employment before ending the post, saying, “Take her out by any means.”

Kelly Studer told officers she was afraid of what Matthew might do when he returned after she saw the post. Matthew returned to the scene from college and immediately began to walk away and drop all his belongings when the officers asked to speak with him. Matthew Studer was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for harassment and resisting.