Maid company owner Ken Neel offers employee $2,000 to eat out her “kitty”

56-year-old Kenneth Neel, owner of The Maids of Nashville, offered one of his employees, Kaleigh Watson, money to engage in sexual activity with him at work on February 19th. Watson went to the Police Department to report the incident and advised them that Neel wanted to see her in his office, which made her uncomfortable. So, Watson put her iPhone on record to capture the conversation. Neel can be heard on the 56-minute-long recording offering her $2,000.00 to “eat out her p*ssy,” and $1,000.00 to receive a “blow job” multiple times. Then, Neel asked Watson to follow him out of camera view so his wife would not find out, even after she denied his advances. Neel then offered to pay off her $17,000.00 vehicle if she would perform consistent sexual acts with him. Watson declined again, and then Neel offered $2,000.00 just to see her “p*ssy.” Watson then attempted to leave Neel’s office; however, while doing so, Neel grabbed the inside of her thigh and underneath her chin. Watson finally left the location and went to alert the authorities. Neel was taken into custody for promoting prostitution and assault.