Shannon Ellison threatens sister with knife after argument over ex-boyfriend

24-year-old Shannon Ellison had an altercation with her sister, Keyondra Ellison, at their Skyline Road residence on March 29th. Officers deemed the scene safe when they arrived, separated them, and called the medics. Then, they spoke with Shannon, who advised she and Keyondra argued over her ex-boyfriend, adding she heard she had sexual relations with him. She said she confronted her and Keyondra denied the claims. Shannon said the dispute became physical and admitted to hitting her sister first. The officers asked Ellison about a knife, which she denied having, telling them that Keyondra cut herself on broken glass. When officers spoke with Keyondra, she stated Shannon retrieved a knife from the kitchen during their argument and came after her with it, leaving a cut on her forearm. Keyondra was then transported to the hospital. The police talked to two witnesses at the scene who informed them that Keyondra was sitting on a recliner during their dispute and that Shannon hit her first before the scuffle moved into the connecting dining room where she got a knife from the kitchen and went after Keyondra, until their mother broke it up. Officers deemed Shannon Ellison as the primary aggressor and then she was taken into custody for aggravated assault.