Nathan Givant punches & strangles “intimate partner” during argument

27-year-old Nathan Givant had a domestic altercation with his roommate and “intimate partner,” Anthony Alberto Caceres, in the early hours of May 19th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim, who stated she and Givant argued earlier in the night, which escalated when she slightly pushed him. Then, he shoved her, balled up his fists, and hit her in the back of the head, swinging his arms wildly, leaving scratch marks on her arms. She said she pushed him back, and he pinned her against the wall and put his arm against her neck, hindering her breathing, adding that she did not fight back. The victim stated after she walked outside, Givant slammed the door behind her, so she kicked out the windows to his residence and called the police before leaving. Givant was taken into custody for aggravated assault.