DUI: Terry Briskey swerves between lanes nearly striking telephone pole

59-year-old Terry Lynn Briskey swerved in his white Nissan Rogue and hit a concrete barrier on North Main Street late April 5th. Briskey crossed back over two traffic lanes, nearly striking a telephone pole as well as another vehicle. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop, where he continued driving and slowly drifted into the southbound lane. Then, officers pulled next to Briskey and noticed he was lying across the center console, appearing to be unconscious. Officers parked in front of his Nissan to ensure his safety, during which he sat up and looked at them. While Briskey tried to park his car and turn the radio down, he showed numerous signs of impairment. After he parked, officers noticed Briskey reeked of alcohol and removed him from the driver’s seat, where he admitted to having a drink an hour before the incident. Officers informed him of implied consent, and he agreed to provide a blood sample. After Briskey was transported to Nashville General Hospital, he was taken into custody for driving under the influence.