Mitchell’s Deli – Penis Problems

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We noticed that another East Nashville site started this story, and where they left off, we want to pick up and elevate it to a new level… It seem’s Mitchell’s Deli has a problem with a ‘cocky’ employee by the name of Lawrence Hester. He started out by thinking with his own penis and drawing obscene photos on order pads and posting them in the employee area, just out of customer sight, see pic below.. But we’re petting if you look close enough in ANY of these pictures that one might possibly find multiple health code violations.. anything’s possible, right? Either way, it’s a bit much Penis for East Nashville Customers, Mitchell’s Deli – but it appears you can’t control your employee anyways, since he told you the notepad was photo shopped and you believed him – he even bragged about fooling you from what we read. So either you’re stupid, or don’t care – and either way you’re too stupid to care to get our money!

We predict…… Metro Health Dept: “Hello, can you hear me?”

hestertits hester tits post


But his penis problems didn’t stop there – In fact, he displayed quite the cock in another rogue employee photo:


And of course since it’s Mitchell’s Deli, everyone wears shirts with obscenities on them, like ‘FUCK’ and brags that his job doesn’t mind, right?



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8 Thoughts to “Mitchell’s Deli – Penis Problems”

  1. Peter "tallboy" LaCroix

    This. Is. Ridiculous. This puritanical investigative nonsense is fit to be in “Brentwood News”. But this is East Nashville and we are NOT afraid of “PENIS”, in any medium or capacity. Since when is a crude drawing a health code violation(see. germs don’t don’t spread through subject matter)? We are shamed by this rubbish. You are just plain no fun. FALSE ALARM EVERYBODY, STAY WEIRD.

  2. Concerned Nashvillian

    Let’s see how long Troy “The Law Breaker”, leaves this post up, for ya’ll to see..!! No health code laws were broken, at the Deli..UNLIKE, when Troy was charged and convicted of selling drugs, driving with NO LICENSE. NO insurance, no registration..DUI, with a little girl in the car. So..looks like Troy The Law Breaker is the only one in this blog that is GUILTY..!! Seems like he should stop judging gay people, around his little girl..AND WE, should worry about HIM..AROUND HIS LITTLE GIRL!!!! -Concerned Nashvillian

  3. Anthony

    Great, now you have transformed Lawrence into a full blown Paris Hilton. Exactly what he thrives on. His ego was already out of control.., way to go feeding his “most popular girl in high school” ego with this horribly written excerpt . Larry if you see this <33333! you! #YouMadeItBae #TheHatersSeeYou #ParisHiltonOfEastNashville

  4. Bucky

    If making penises out of tofu is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  5. D.R.E.A.M.

    Pretty sure my roommate drew that picture(shes a girl, and not Larry). Id recognize that style anywhere. Maybe he put that up to celebrate local artists? Oh, and quit being such a dildo.

    1. EN News

      Larry confessed to drawing the image, but thanks for your incorrect information.

  6. Gail

    Your room mate totally drew that for larry. He didn’t even draw it.

  7. Techsavyatriskyouth

    Im just glade someone’s standing up to this hooligan. This offensive behavior has gone on long enough. Im all for freedom of expression, but NOT when it challenges traditional values. What is he trying to do, bring homophobia up for public discussion? I, for one, would rather repress any sexual curiosities and will damn well make sure my kids do too! What if my child saw that and I actually had to talk about sex with them?! Thats what church is for but clearly he’s never been.

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