Reverse Q&A With Lawwren Croney

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We color outside the lines, dammit. We don’t to interviews, we do outerviews – which are pretty much you reading our viewpoints, sorry – CNN and FoxNews are on another site, and Burger King is just down the road if you want it your way. So we tracked down our favorite EN girl and and spent a day shopping with her at our favorite thrift shops.. in between some bargains and vintage dresses, questions were asked, answers were given. Here’s the recap – and if you don’t follow her, you should get to know her.. she’s always full of surprises!


We have contacted facebook on your behalf; while they would not release the name of the reporter without a subpoena, they did send this note: “Nice tits, though!”



If we dated we could be lesbian lovers! But I’m not a lesbian… well, not fully, at least…yet…


That group only lives to serve the mental disorders of Carter Hays, and yes, I hear there is a line forming to spoon with you, though. I started it, in fact.



absolutely. In fact, if you didn’t we’d worry.



See next post below, and consider yourself diagnosed 🙂 We love you, too!



I mean, we could talk shit and releases your nudes and all that fun, but we actually respect you, so why would we do that silly stuff. Much love, girl!



We prefer Salty, for obvious reasons.


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