UPDATED: Pharmacy Burger vs. Postmates: Round 1, Fight!

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UPDATED: The Pharmacy Burger management have responded to our post, stating that Postmates management actually suggested the 20% gratuity – but assured them they would eat the cost and NOT pass it on to the customer. Which is not the case, it is clearly being pass along on the receipts.



UPDATE #2: As of 7PM Today, the fee has been removed by The Pharmacy Burger! Way to be the team player here, and take care of your customers. Unlike Postmates who in this case, lied to everyone about eating the fee. We have a feeling this isn’t over – as there are many other restaurants charging the 20% to Postmates only orders – we have to wonder who in Postmates local managment is making these empty promises to satisfy merchant? We think it may be Andre Moore. We’ve reached out to Andre for comment and will update when that happens. 



We all know the local East Nashville king of burgers, ‘The Pharmacy Burger‘ – and you either really love them or really hate them. Reasons for both range from the quality of the actual burgers, to the actual rats they reportedly have brought to the neighborhood. There’s only one problem for those that do love The Pharmacy Burger – they don’t deliver. Which brings us to Postmates – Nashville’s premier ‘bring it to your door’ delivery service, where you can get anything from greasy burgers, condoms & lube, to a Plan B pill, delivered to your door, 24/7, within the hour.

Our tipster, Zach (who was himself a postmate), tells us this wasn’t always the case, The Pharmacy Burger initially liked the bump in sales – but once Postmates started bringing a considerable amount of business to The Pharmacy Burger, the folks taking the orders, the bartender prepping and assembling the togo order, and delivering it to the Postmate across the bartop, all started to despise every Postmates order they took – because they were not receiving any tip on the order, versus when a customer comes in to pickup a togo order, a courtesy tip is usually given to the person who prepped the order or the bartender. Of course, when you order a burger from Postmates, you’re dipping your Postmates delivery driver, not the actual restaurant.



We can see both sides of this – because that bartender or server is taxed on his or her sales at the end of the day, no matter how many were togo orders, or how many they actually received tips on. While some restaurants use a separate ‘TOGO’ register that isn’t attached to a server’s sales to get around this issue, The Pharmacy Burger has yet to figure out a way that works for them. Instead The Pharmacy Burger management has basically turned the restaurant over to the bartenders and servers, and are letting them run the show – and they have DECLARED WAR ON POSTMATES. Every order that they can figure out that belongs to a Postmate to pick up is now getting a 20% surcharge added to the order – something that they actually can’t legally do in Tennessee unless they do it to everyone, which they don’t – but so far Postmates have not fought back, and instead is passing along the 20% surcharge onto their customers, who then are generally expected to tip their Postmates delivery driver the customary 10-20% on top of that. Confused yet? Just imagine you’re a customer trying to order a $40(with delivery fees) dinner for two from The Pharmacy Burger – after taxes that’s $44, and after the 20% auto gratuity that’s now $53, and then you’re expected to tip the driver 20% on average – bringing your $40 meal to an easy $64 bucks.

pharm 20 cxcl



To verify the information, Zach sent us pages upon pages of conversations between postmates about this ongoing battle from an undisclosed Facebook group for their delivery drivers. We’re posting select ones within this post – but it does appear that this is not a battle that anyone can really win. Either the driver gets stiffed, or the server at the restaurant eats the amount he’s charged for taxes on his sales, etc.. the only people that can solve this is The Pharmacy Burger, and there are many work-around, but they have to be willing to step up and work on a solution.

pharma no go

So, The Pharmacy Burger – will you accept the challenge and take control of your restaurant once again, or will you go down in history as the assholes in the East Nashville burger industry? It’s your move.

Later This week: Tipster Zach has provided us with a LOT of information about the inner workings of Postmates here in Nashville, including why drivers routinely decline orders because they simply don’t want to wait in lines – which is why the customer is paying them, to get the order on their behalf, to why they stack orders against regulations making customers wait much longer than the promised time – and other things that we’ll reveal over the next few days, including his very own ‘day in the life of a Postmate’ exclusive.

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One Thought to “UPDATED: Pharmacy Burger vs. Postmates: Round 1, Fight!”

  1. Actual Postmate Driver

    1) Proof read your articles.
    2) You act as if entering an order, bagging it up, running a card, and sliding it two feet is a major task. Also, you don’t tip the restaurant, you tip the server/bartender.
    3) Do you know how bartending, sales, server, cashier, life work? You don’t get taxed on sales, you get taxed on income(Hence, Income Tax). The restaurant gets taxed on the profit it makes from sales, the server/bartender get taxed on their tips, and sales tax is paid by the customer. Please quit writing about topics which you clearly have zero knowledge. Do you think that if you somehow managed to get an article into the NY Times that you would be taxed some percentage of every single copy that they sold?
    4) If you are paying $40 for dinner and complain about charges for delivery plus tip, quit ordering food to be delivered. Go buy the ingredients and cook it yourself. Every step of laziness you add will cost you money, don’t complain because being lazy is expensive.

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