Nashville Uber Driver Caleb Rappaport Responds to Service Animal Issue: Next time just run over the service animal before you pick up the rider that way this whole issue is moot

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We have covered our share of Uber & Lyft stories over the past year – even those about service animals, including many drivers who just refuse to service a passenger with one, despite federal regulations and Uber/Lyft policy that requires it. We have covered drivers which flat out refused service, those that said service animals should have to ride in their trunks – but never before had we seen an Uber driver threaten violence toward a service animal – UNTIL NOW.

Meet Caleb Rappaport, an Uber driver in Nashville. After last night’s NewsChannel5 story aired about a blind man who was refused service by Rolanda Douglas, a local Uber driver – Rappaport and others took to Facebook and other social media platforms to express their disgust over this law that requires them to accommodate service animals when working for Lyft/Uber, or similar rideshare services.

Caleb Rappaport shared his solution to the problem: “Next time just run over the service animal before you pick up the rider that way this whole issue is moot”.

caleb rapp news

caleb rappaport uber nashville service dog

He continues to show his ignorance of the law:

caleb 5

Another driver, Robert Emery, disclosed how he avoids the ADA regulations that require him to accommodate the service animal – by simply hitting cancel as soon as you see the animal and pretending you could not find the passenger. Stating he’s done this to avoid the law, damage to his leather, and engaging the customer:

emery avoid

Another Driver, John Lucier says he won’t pick up dogs, but doesn’t reveal his method for bypassing the regulations and policy:

john refuse

Lee Robertson, adds that “ain’t no dog getting in my car! I don’t give a shit if it’s God himself standing there in a thunderstorm. He aint getting in!”:


According to Uber, Rolanda Douglas is now an “ex-Uber driver” so others will not have to worry about her prejudice, and now she has to face the charges from the state.

Tennessee Code Annotated 62-7-112 makes it against the law to refuse service to a blind or physically disabled person who is being led or accompanied by a dog guide dog in any place of public accommodation. It’s a class C misdemeanor, which carries a penalty up to 11 months 29 days in jail, a fine up to $2,500, or both.

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12 Thoughts to “Nashville Uber Driver Caleb Rappaport Responds to Service Animal Issue: Next time just run over the service animal before you pick up the rider that way this whole issue is moot”

  1. Jew

    Go Caleb. You made the news

  2. CR Peake

    Those of you who cast aside a blind person are lower than whale you-know-what in the ocean. Your mothers must be so proud.

  3. these people mentioned are STILL breaking the law. Shame on you for treating disabled people badly! I hope Uber, Lyft, etc, all cancel your memberships.

  4. denise emma

    Its illegal to turn a person down because of their service dog. the buisness would be fined.

  5. Rose Rushman

    Inhumane people need to take a trip to Mars and rot there.

    1. Now really, why do we want to pollute Mars with them? I’d suggest flying them into the sun instead, but I don’t think we want to pollute that either. I grieve for humanity.

  6. And shame on those who “liked” these a-holes comments! I hope every one involved gets fined to the max and kicked out of Uber.

  7. Shaun and Casi Adams

    Thanks to all of you for supporting us service dog teams.My first service dog and I encountered constant business and transportation access denials in Chicago. For 10 years. At first it happened several times a day. After a while and MANY nasty complaints to corporations, CTA, the police (who always took our side when anyone called them on us), and the Illinois states attorney’s office, it began to happen much less, but never went away totally. Now we live in Los Angeles where nobody ever questions us.

  8. as a blind person who uses a Seeing Eye dog you people who would threttin a service dog with harm and work for uber should be fired. I agree with those who say it is agenst the law to not pick up a blind person with a service dog and we have laws hear in Canada to deal with this thing the same as they have in the us.

  9. Peter

    Looking for his five minutes of fame but he might get more than he bargained for. He made a public admission that he willingly and deliberately violates the ADA. If he won’t obey the rules, take away his ability to be a ride-share driver.

  10. Dryvbye

    I don’t believe in denying service, but if a dog is going to tear up my car, he’s not getting in. I don’t need this Lyft or Uber THAT bad. Our society is full of rights, but how about your responsibility to insure your animal does not vandalize the car I (not Uber) is financing?

    1. Lori L

      If you are an uber/lyft/taxi driver it is easy enough to keep a clean blanket or cover in your trunk for the few times that you pick up a rider with a service animal. Problem solved.

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