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After seeing our story about Uber driver James Henneberg’s distracted driving yesterday, an alert driver sent us a tip with the sign that Henneberg has in his car that he uses to solicit tips from passengers. While Uber drivers are allowed to accept/solicit tips, having a sign with this much explanation and, in our opinion, outright “begging” goes beyond the standard of what we’ve seen in any Uber or Lyft vehicle before.

The sign explains (in way too may words) about the Drivers rating system (Tip: Passengers don’t want to see how the sausage is made, that should be between you and Uber). It also states that “Beyond my VA Disability, THIS IS ALL I HAVE FOR WORK!!!” – He may as well be sitting on Broadway with his hat out soliciting money from strangers. This is almost disgraceful in our opinion, to use his service status to solicit tips, and makes it look bad on everyone. The overuse of bold, exclamation points, colors, and the general tone of the message would win him a one-star rating if we were to get him for a driver.

This sign is displayed on the tip box in the car of James Henneberg

How do you feel about signs such as this, that are essentially begging for tips from your driver? There’s a big difference between the sign above, and a simple tip jar that’s available if needed, without a sob story from a driver to play on someone’s feelings. Let us know in the comments.

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