Uber Driver James Henneberg Uses Military Service/Disability Status to Solicit Tips

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After seeing our story about Uber driver James Henneberg’s distracted driving yesterday, an alert driver sent us a tip with the sign that Henneberg has in his car that he uses to solicit tips from passengers. While Uber drivers are allowed to accept/solicit tips, having a sign with this much explanation and, in our opinion, outright “begging” goes beyond the standard of what we’ve seen in any Uber or Lyft vehicle before.

The sign explains (in way too may words) about the Drivers rating system (Tip: Passengers don’t want to see how the sausage is made, that should be between you and Uber). It also states that “Beyond my VA Disability, THIS IS ALL I HAVE FOR WORK!!!” – He may as well be sitting on Broadway with his hat out soliciting money from strangers. This is almost disgraceful in our opinion, to use his service status to solicit tips, and makes it look bad on everyone. The overuse of bold, exclamation points, colors, and the general tone of the message would win him a one-star rating if we were to get him for a driver.

This sign is displayed on the tip box in the car of James Henneberg

How do you feel about signs such as this, that are essentially begging for tips from your driver? There’s a big difference between the sign above, and a simple tip jar that’s available if needed, without a sob story from a driver to play on someone’s feelings. Let us know in the comments.

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8 Thoughts to “Uber Driver James Henneberg Uses Military Service/Disability Status to Solicit Tips”

  1. James Henneberg

    Why you guys really are a bunch of little scumbags with nothing better to do than harass people. I do not use my military VA status disability whatever to solicit tips!!!
    Actually if you look in the Uber app you can have an affiliation so that your writers that pick you up know that you’re a veteran. So how is that any different than having a sign like this?

  2. James Henneberg

    Fact I do not have nor have I ever had this sign posted in my vehicle. I had simply asked somebody in one of our local chats to give me critique on this side and an idea that I had.

    1. You said you removed the sign, so i have no doubt it’s no longer there:

    2. It appears the sign was in fact, in your car, thanks for playing

      1. James Henneberg

        Ok, all admit. I lied on that one thing. I panicked. For that I deeply apologize to anyone offended. The sign was new. I’ve had it maybe 2 weeks or so. The small part there about the VA Disability was NEVER intended to be construed as how you’re taking it. And until now, nobody has ever said a thing. It is gone. The true meaning I had was to convey how important driving for Uber is to me right now. NOTHING ELSE! I work my butt off trying to give people the BEST POSSIBLE ride I can, and as safe as possible. I always use my turn signals properly, and merge nicely, allow others to merge, etc, etc,… I’m also sorry I overreacted to this post. I was horribly offended you took the sign the way you did.
        One thing you might not know, is if you’ve seen the Uber app it does allow us drivers to verify and display on our account our “affiliation” with military service. When a rider gets me, they also get a notification that I’m a veteran. Uber provided this.

  3. James Henneberg

    F****** s*** bag and I hope to God we never meet.

    1. don’t worry, if we got you as our driver, we would cancel the ride. Enjoy your day.

  4. Brianna

    I rode with James tonight and had no issues. Some people will never be happy. Don’t let those people drag you down James!

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