Uber Driver James Henneberg is “bothered” by the “transgender thing”; Refuses to be Paired with Gay Couple in Future; Admits to Lying

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Uber Driver James Henneberg isn’t having a good week, as we have received multiple tips from other drivers about him. Generally when this happens we assume it’s just someone with a grudge and we have to work harder to verify the source; however in this case we’ve received the same information from multiple sources each time. We are learning more about the character of James Henneberg, in reference to an incident that happened a few days before Christmas. Despite all we’ve learned in the past few days, Henneberg continues to be active on the Uber platform, at the time of publication. We have reached out to Uber for comment, and will likely have an update on Monday as to his status.

James picked up two female Uber passengers at a mall, and described them as a “couple” (quotation marks his emphasis). Somehow he felt it was his place to start a conversation about their sexuality during the short ride, and tried to identify with the passengers by saying he had a cousin that was gay (as if that prevents him from being homophobic or transphobic, somehow?). He then continued by saying “The only thing that bothers me is the whole “transgender thing”; I don’t get it, it makes me uncomfortable”.

Obviously, the couple contacted Uber about the ride and his inappropriate comments. What did Henneberg do? Did he take the feedback and constructive criticism like an adult and learn from his actions to better improve his business? NO. Instead, he messaged Uber to be sure that he was never paired with the couple he identified as LGBT again. That’s OK, since his cousin is gay, correct? Does that make it OK?

As a follow-up to a previous story, We received a communication from James, who initially gave us a statement that said he never had such a sign in his Uber vehicle for tips. He has now recanted on that stated and admitted he lied, and did have the sign in his vehicle, his responses are below, we have have left out the threatening ones we received from him:

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5 Thoughts to “Uber Driver James Henneberg is “bothered” by the “transgender thing”; Refuses to be Paired with Gay Couple in Future; Admits to Lying”

  1. James Henneberg

    Wow you guys really have it in for me what a load of crap. Yes I have a right to be bothered by something that’s okay and I have a right to voice my opinion but I have never ever told anybody I was going to not accept any rides from somebody that’s stupid. And I do not have any problem with any of the other LGBT stuff I’m just not comfortable with transgender. It makes me uncomfortable. I didn’t go dashing or slamming anybody I just said I was uncomfortable

  2. James Henneberg

    And I have the right to refuse service to whine a little oversensitive people or just looking for a free handout from Uber by complaining about everything they possibly can

    1. Lindsey

      How do I request James as my uber driver? I feel for the guy.

  3. Mark

    You’re digging a deeper hole, James. I’d recommend quitting. . Not while you’re ahead because you’re definitely not. So, just stop. Stop digging, put down the shovel, and back away slowly.

  4. Thanks Mark. I just think it’s unethical these people think they have the right to judge me. They don’t know anything about me. VERY little!!! This is my last response. I’ve left EVERY online forum about Uber anything. And I’ll be damned if I give these fools anything else. I just don’t understand how it’s legal to bash people like this? Trying to remove me from the ONE income I have …. Usually I’m nice to everyone. But this is crap.

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