Uber Driver Forces Religious Radio, Will Put You Out Instead of Changing Stations.

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If you get Drew Lankford as your Uber driver in Nashville, you will be listening to christian religious music on the radio – and you will like it – or he may just stop the ride and put you out on the side of the road – that according to his own words, earlier this week.

When asked what kind of music he plays in his care, Drew Lankford replied with ‘KLOVE’, which is a christian radio station, and gave the following explanation:

“don’t know about your beliefs but I listen to KLove also. Passengers listen to what is on my station. I’ve had them ask me to change it because of their beliefs and because of my beliefs I ask them to bear with it. Why should I deny my own beliefs for someone that doesn’t agree with mine! I come from military stock for generations, I served in the US Marines to defend yours and my inalienable rights. But I WILL NOT change my ways nor will I be PC because someone doesn’t like nor believe in the same things as I do!!!!”

You read that right – if you ask him to change the station, or for an aux cord (both things that are encouraged by Uber), he will first ask you to “bear with it” – and if you continue to ask or threaten to file a complaint with Uber/Lyft, he may just end the ride, leaving you in a safe place on the side of the road somewhere:

“You would get a one star from me and probably a report to Uber or Lyft for forcing me to listen to God music.”

“I can live with that. I would either ask you to end the ride in safe place!”

So what does Uber have to say on this? Uber tells each passenger “Your Ride, Your Music” – that’s actually the branding on a recent campaign. From uber.com/newsroom/ridermusic/ :

Just this week, Uber reminded passengers via a tweet:

So if you get Drew as a driver, and don’t want to be bombarded with jesus music on your ride, you may want to drop him, and tell uber why within the support center.

Of course, with all that Christian music on his radio, you would think he wouldn’t show how much of a sexist typical male he is, but Drew Lankford must not listen to the words coming out of his radio. Here are some of his typical interactions:

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Uber social media group without someone else chiming in – this time another lady, Barbara Lampley,  that also expressed her support of playing KLOVE for her passengers, and openly admitting to taking personal clients off-platform, a clear violation of the Uber/Lyft agreement and illegal here in Nashville as she’s not operating as a TNC unless it’s on the platform.

What would you do if faced with a ride of religious music that your driver refused to change?






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2 Thoughts to “Uber Driver Forces Religious Radio, Will Put You Out Instead of Changing Stations.”

  1. Joy Evans

    Drew is like a big old teddy bear. Completely harmless.

  2. Bad Bob

    Jesus told a story about praying on the street corner. This guy should get out his Bible and read the story.

    In case you aren’t familiar with the Bible, Dude, it can be found at: Matthew 6:5

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