ARREST: Rejoyce Martin, It’s a RENTAL car… you can’t keep it! #StolenCar

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There’s a curious things about rental cars – you have to return them. Apparently that concept was lost on Rejoyce Martin, as she kept her renal car so long, and refused to return it, that Enterprise Rent-A-Car reported it as stolen.

Rejoyce Martin was not rejoicing when she walked to 7th St near Dew in East Nashville (Caycee Homes) and saw MNPD at her 2017 Nissan Altima. The car had been reported stolen by Enterprise at BNA some time ago, as Rejoyce rented it and refused to return it.

When officers encountered her, she requested to remove her belongings from the car – we can only assume she thought it was just being repo’d. Upon questioning she freely admitted to renting the car and not returning it, provided her TN State DL, and it matched the documents on the rental, so with her admission she was taken into custody and charged with felony theft ($10K-$60K). Her bond was set at $3500 and she will appear in court on 02/02/18.


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