Brett Withers Seeks to Restrict Door-To-Door Sales into Oblivion – Punishing people for the smallest of crimes

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If this bill passes, you could have door-to-door solicitors as early as 5:30AM, due to the severe restrictions on evening hours. Of the 684,410 residents in Nashville, only 1,880 have registered for the no-knock list provided by metro. We don’t need a new law, we need people who aren’t happy to register for the no-knock list.

The goal of the metro Commercial Solicitor law has always been to balance the First Amendment rights of the solicitor with the privacy and safety of the residents of the community. A proposal, up for 2nd reading at tonight’s Metro Council Meeting would severely restrict the rights. If you stole a pack of gum when you were 18, you can NEVER get a solicitation permit in Nashville, under the new proposal by Withers.

VOTE NO ON BL2017-953

It is well known that many door-to-door salesman are those that are down on their luck, trying to get back on their feet, facing hard times. If a company is willing to hire them with a misdemeanor charge from 10 years ago, and nothing since – why should Metro punish them FOREVER. Under the proposal, a misdemeanor from 40 years ago could prevent a permit being issued, instead of the current 5 year rule. There are police officers that would not meet the proposed background requirements for a door-to-door solicitation permit. 

Fast Facts:

  • Nashville Populatin: 684,410
  • # on ‘No Knock List: 1,880

Here’s the current restrictions that are law:

  • No Hours Restriction
  • No criminal history within past 5 years of:
    • premeditated murder, all sex crimes, sales of Schedule I or II drugs, fraud, or embezzlement.

Here’s what Brett Withers has presented for 2nd reading at council tonight:

  • Severe Hours Restrictions (see more below)
  • No criminal history EVER of:
    • ANY felony, EVER.
    • ANY misdemeanor EVER of theft, dishonesty, any sexual crime.

The bill, as presented by Withers, would restrict the hours so much in many months, that it would effectively kill the door-to-door solicitation business. He’s what the new hours would look like – In some months, you could not solicit door to door past 4:37PM – A time at which almost no one that works will even be home. And you better believe, that if the evening hours are restricted so harshly, they will make up for it in the mornings – some as early as 5:30AM. Wouldn’t you rather have them in the evenings?

Of course there’s a simple solution, you can sign up for the ‘no solicitation’ list in Metro – and you won’t be bothered, no new law needed. Of the 684,410 residents in Nashville, only 1,880 have registered for the no-knock list provided by metro. We don’t need a new law, we need people who aren’t happy to register for the no-knock list.

Who the law DOESN’T apply to:

  • Charitable organizations, Churches, any religious group.
  • Books sales or other expressive works
  • Newspaper or magazine subscriptions
  • These solicitors can show up 24/7 under the law, with no restrictions, or ANY background checks or permits. 

Call / Email your councilperson before tonight – let them know that people don’t deserve to be punish their entire life for a small crime, and that you don’t want solicitors at 5:30AM because they don’t have any evening hours to legally work.

Email the ENTIRE council here:

Metropolitan Council Members 2015-2019

Office Member Phone
Vice Mayor David Briley 615-238-6300
At-Large John Cooper 615-969-4444
At-Large Erica Gilmore 615-862-6780
At-Large Bob Mendes 615-756-3533
At-Large Sharon Hurt 615-726-5867
At-Large Jim Shulman 615-584-1082
1 Nick Leonardo 615-509-6334
2 DeCosta Hastings 615-779-1565
3 Brenda Haywood 615-473-8339
4 Robert Swope 615-308-0577
5 Scott Davis 615-554-9730
6 Brett Withers 615-427-5946
7 Anthony Davis 615-775-8746
8 Nancy VanReece 615-576-0488
9 Bill Pridemore 615-915-1419
10 Doug Pardue 615-859-9370
11 Larry Hagar 615-972-4335
12 Steve Glover 615-883-1378
13 Holly Huezo 615-891-4517
14 Kevin Rhoten 615-483-9535
15 Jeff Syracuse 615-886-9906
16 Mike Freeman 615-512-0121
17 Colby Sledge 615-812-2157
18 Burkley Allen 615-383-6604
19 Freddie O’Connell 615-260-0005
20 Mary Carolyn Roberts 615-977-9262
21 Edward Kindall 615-321-2343
22 Sheri E. Weiner 615-347-7544
23 Mina Johnson 615-429-7857
24 Kathleen Murphy 615-828-4713
25 Russ Pulley 615-308-4972
26 Jeremy Elrod 615-852-7197
27 Davette Blalock 615-831-5525
28 Tanaka Vercher 615-878-5653
29 Karen Y. Johnson 615-977-6721
30 Jason Potts 615-332-0568
31 Fabian Bedne 615-829-6226
32 Jacobia Dowell 615-498-7094
33 Antoinette Lee 615-755-5482
34 Angie Henderson 615-260-5530
35 Dave Rosenberg 615-427-2705


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