Aaron Kizer: Too high for the Krystal drive-thru, nods out. #Arrested #Xanax #Suboxone

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Just before 3AM on Tuesday morning, Aaron Kizer pulled into the Krystal drive-thru and placed his order. However, according to a police report, when he got to the window to pay, all he could do was nod out instead of being able to pay for his food.

Krystal employees contacted police, and upon arrival, they made contact with Aaron Kizer. He had slurred speech and trouble making complete sentences. He agreed to attempt SFST’s, and displayed numerous indicators of impairment. A search of the vehicle revealed a pill bottle that Kizer said contained his Adderall, however inside the bottle was 51 Xanax bars and half of a Suboxone tablet.

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Aaron Kizer was charged with DUI 2nd offense, possession of schedule IV, and possession of schedule III. He posted a $8,000 bond. There is no word on if he ever got to eat his meal.

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