Shabanov to MNPD Officer: “You got my weed, bro!”

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Roman Shabanov, 24, was arrested just before midnight on Tuesday, after police responded to a domestic disturbance on Laffite Cove in Hermitage.

Shabanov’s parents had agreed to let him stay there for the night, however they called police after they say he was causing a disturbance in front of their 12-year-old child. Roman was reportedly “intoxicated on some substance” and “not acting like his normal self” according to statements by his parents.

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While police were talking with Shabanov outside, his mother handed police a small bag with a small amount of marijuana and a ‘one-hitter’ pipe inside. A short time later, Roman noticed the officer was holding the bag and stated..

“you got my weed, bro!”

Roman Shabanov was taken into custody for possession & paraphernalia charges, as his 4 prior failure to appears wouldn’t allow for a citation. He plead guilty to the possession, and the paraphernalia was dismissed. He got time served, 11 hours – with court costs and fine of $985.00.

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